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Buy Real and Fake Documents, IdealCounterfeit is more than simply an organization; it is a helping hand for everyone who urgently requires certain documents. Our company offers many different services, such as those for driver’s licenses, passports, certificates, ID cards, and resident permits.

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We provide a number of services, including fake currency, real and false passports, and ssd chemicals for black money cleansing.

Our skilled staff makes certain that you get the highest calibre documents.

We are experts in creating UNDETECTED counterfeit currency.

Buy SSD Chemical Solution for Clean Black Money Properties.

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We provide you with worldwide and private development organisations. We provide more than just real and fake visas. Additionally, we offer counterfeit money, false and actual travel authorisation, and fake and certifiable affirmation. Along with phoney expert degrees, fake and authentic universities, and High School honours, we also offer SSD for cleaning dim money.

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A one-stop shop for all kinds of documents, IdealCounterfeit.com. We produce certified and authorised documents. Since our company’s founding ten years ago, there has been a major shortage of authentic and trustworthy documents of all kinds. We are happy to report that millions of people now choose us. What began as a small business ten years ago is today a respected and trustworthy player in the documentation industry. The entire credit belongs to our technicians, cutting-edge printing equipment, professionals, innovative software, and outstanding delivery staff. Every detail of the documents is thoroughly examined by our highly skilled quality staff.


Everyone aims for what they are unable to obtain. The finest resource for people looking to make changes to their daily habit is IdealCounterfeit, which handles chronicles. or international experience with various governmental organisations and links with outsider resettlement.

In Australia, Canada, the United States, Western Europe, the United Kingdom, Japan, etc., we are excellent in work licences, tenant permits, and family occupancy permits. Additionally, SSD content comes in handy when you have the money on hand to take care of that.

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Our industry professionals are available to support you 24/7/365 days to fulfil your document requirements!

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Thank you for taking the time and effort to clean my defaced Euro notes. Also, thank you for using Grade A Chemicals. Please pass my thanks to every team member who put effort into making my life better. I will recommend you to all my friends and family. Keep up the excellent service.

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IdealCounterfeit – Your loyal fake document and banknote provider

Have you been fishing for the best place to get phony and real documents, licenses, and banknotes? If you hit it with ‘yes,’ you can stop your search here at IdealCounterfeit. Our role in the business is twofold as a maker and an online store with documents and cash to comply with your dream of living like a low-profile millionaire.

With over a decade of assembling our know-how, we produce first-rate certificates with entry to the database of any country. As an extra bonus, we’ll have you covered with any amount of counterfeit money for sale, which is cash that passes most security tests. Our fake dollars, euros, and pounds are ATM-friendly, bringing together a bunch of holographic images, metal threads, watermarks, and other features interwoven into them.

At IdealCounterfeit, we work so that you can relax and order fake money and officially-looking documents without messing around with the grind and bureaucracy. We respond to inquiries right away.

Counterfeit documents, cash, and SSD chemical solution upon request

If you are struggling to make it financially or running out of time with your passport or certificate, we’ll tackle your issue in a blink. Hundreds of those who have the same problems as you can fix them by calling IdealCounterfeit for vicissitudes like fleeing to another country, unexpected layoffs, loss of documents, or whatever.

Our pros are kept posted on all legal nuances and meticulously control how each note and certificate is crafted, so you can buy fake money and docs that look and act genuinely. Thus, you can rely on us to get:

  • · Certificates. Birth, marriage, and death certificates are available for major countries and jurisdictions.
  • · Banknotes. Order the US, Canadian, and Australian dollars, pounds sterling, euros, and many other currencies that are accepted by ATMs and boast all the distinctive features of legit notes.
  • · SSD chemical solution. The substance we sell is used to clean any defaced notes, including black, marked, or stained ones.


All phony banknotes and documents are available through our website. To make them look and feel legit, our experts utilize state-approved materials and standards when producing forged papers and running QA checks on them.

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We put anonymity and client satisfaction above all and never ask about your specific reasons. Buying counterfeit money and certificates from us is always safe and smooth, thanks to:

  • · Anonymous Bitcoin payments and money transfers with WU and MoneyGram
  • · Undetected and prompt shipping
  • · Money refund guarantee
  • · 24/7 support
  • · Appealing pricing policy


It’s time to give your potentially life-saving service a try. To begin with, you’ll need to drop us a line with your inquiry, specify the details for forged document production, and add your order to the shopping cart. Further, you make a payment and get a confirmation of what needs to be created for you via email or messenger.

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