Shipping And payment


We will receive your request after completing the order form and immediately reply to your request via , Whatsapp , text , email on how to complete payment for your order . Once payment is confirmed, a tracking code will be provided for shipping .
Once you are done with payment for your order email, text or whats app a confirmation receipt for confirmation. For payment we accept Western Union, Money Gram and Bitcoin. Customers should Email, Text or Whats app for assistance in making payment


USPS delivering alternatives like Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail, First-Class Mail, Media Mail, and Retail Ground Shipping to discover the help believe it or not.


UPS Package Delivered Safely and on Time. Dependable Shipping with Peace of Mind! Moderate Delivery. Worldwide and Domestic. Solid Couriers. Track down Your Local Point. Online Quotes. Worldwide Reach.


All TNT shipments must be accompanied by a consignment note and package labels. All shipments that travel outside the European Union must also be accompanied by a commercial invoice. Both documents can be generated automatically when you book online.


Quick and dependable conveyances to in excess of 220 nations and domains. Customized rates, free pressing supplies, customs apparatus and substantially more. Advanced shipping tools. Custom-made arrangements. Worldwide presence